For close to 500 years apprentices have learned the heart and soul of the watch. In Paris, Texas they continue the tradition of this "Ancient Craft of the Future".

TIJT Horology Student Michelle Long
TIJT Horology Student Ivan Espanosa

Welcome Alumi and friends and to those of you who have just found out about the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology. Bringing fun to the special life as a Watchmaker is what Paris Junior College has been about since 1942.    Become a Recountour and see what it is like to be a part of this experience.

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TIJT Watchmaking

Instruction in basic mechanical, lathe work, automatic, chronograph & quartz

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 Watchmaking Chalk talk Justin Morley, Ken Tilghman and Paul Penrose ~ 4th Semester Chronograph Repair Chris Oehlerich, Dan Hanke, Mark Crake, Noel Eaton ~ 1st Semester Hairspring work Competer operated mico-milling machine Computer operated micro-milling machines Lathe/mill at TIJT  Balance in poise ~ Justin Wise  Lathe 3rd Semester ~ Oscar Guartuche  Chronograph 4th Semester ~ Ken Tilghman Chronograph Repair 4th Semester ~ Paul Penrose The Guys - photo by Shirley Perkins Justin Wheat - Photo by Shirley Perkins Stormy Sky in Paris - Photo by Shirley Perkins Watch Nomenclature 1st Semester ~ Noel Eaton Laser Welder ~ Oscar Guartuche Balance Staff / Lathe Projects Pallet Warmer Project Pallet Warmer Project truing hairsprings in the watch~ Ryan Jennings pivot turning on the lathe~ Danny Hanke  Hairsprings ~ Nathan Smith  Greg Lyons ~ Hairspring Vibrating Hand Removers by Jack McCollom Skull Pallet Warmer by Tim Rabe Screwdriver sharpener by George Hawkins Instructor's work benches TIJT Watchmakers lathe room TIJT Timeing machines LeCoulter Banking Stop made by George Hawkins Profile of a crown wheel made by George Hawkins The Guys - photo by Shirley Perkins Davis Gerliki - photo by Shirley Perkins
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