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Application for admission for Spring 2018 is under way

Students are advised and kindly requested to complete an application for admission
prior to then and also speak with the course instructor about registration.
Available spots are first come-first serve.
It is strongly advised that new students make a Bench deposit to secure a spot.
The tool kit for the program must also be purchased from the college in advance.
Please see the Course Overview for dress code requirements.

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" The Original... Not a Franchise ! "

Watchmaking... The ancient craft of the future

At Paris Junior College they like to give a hairspring an even break ! For some reason a watch never comes to the students unless there is something wrong with it. For centuries people have been breaking timepieces and it does not look as if that will ever change. As apprentices have done for close to 500 years, today they still must learn the heart and soul of a watch. With dedication and practice, skills develop that breath new life back into tiny, fascinating little machines." its a black art , not a cookbook " as one of them likes to put it. Since 1942 people have come to Paris to learn watch repair. They have become part of a worldwide family. If They go anywhere in the world and meet fellow watch aficionados they will most likely both know some of the same people. Over the years hundreds of Watchmaking students from all over the globe have started careers and developed lifelong friendships in Paris, Texas. Watchmaking truly is an international language.

Mechanical wrist watches are the primary focus. The courses at TIJT cover the basics as well as automatics, calendars, timers and chronographs. After all , that's where the money is being made. The procedures taught include nomenclature, material systems, cleaning, lubrication, hairspring manipulations, jeweling, escapements, regulation and the dynamics of timekeeping to name a few. These are hands on courses with lectures and demonstrations designed to prepare the apprentice to be a professional watch repairer. Sorry , if You are looking for some sort of hobby shop class this isn't it. However, if Your seriously considering this trade as your life's work then read on.

Turning is an important requirement for any watchmaker. Lathe projects produced to blue print specs. of 1/100 mm or less are the norm. Staffs , stems , threading, pivot polishing , turning between centers
and tempering are carried out.
If your interested in being more then a parts changer and
You want to run with the bad dogs then get good with a graver "

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Micro Mechanics is actually starting from scratch and making tools and working watch parts. 'Sound tough? , Well it can be at times. If You are first grounded in the proper techniques of fine metal working Your chances of success are much better. Crude actions such as hammer, twist and bend must evolve to become form , shape and fashion. It is an art.

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Electronic watches namely Quartz in all the different forms are presented. State of the art timing equipment and an extensive inventory of movements and technical information assures that training in this rapidly changing area of the business stays current. Accutrons are offered as an elective. TIJT is the only school that can still offer training for all facets of tuning fork movements both American and Swiss. Sure they are hard to come by, that is all the more reason to learn to repair them....they are collectible !

a 5 step motor quartz chronograph  Learn Accutron Repair

To date the most popular course of study has been the
Horology Certificate Program
Students may also elect to earn an
Associate in Applied Science in Horology by taking additional academic classes.
Horology Certificate Program and the A.A.S. Degree in Horology can both be completed in 16 months.
Students must take and pass one of the accepted Texas Success Initiative Exams TSI
Paris Junior College uses THEA and ACCUPLACER
as part of the requirements for the

Horology Associate Degree Program
Certificate of Completion in Horology

Simply put, the THEA is an assessment of an individuals reading comprehension and writing skills and preparedness to enter college algebra and freshman English . This does not mean that students have to take algebra and English to attend Horology classes, they just must have the college entry level skills. There are a number of exceptions to this policy and it would be highly advised to speak with the course instructor before registration to see if You are exempt.

~ Admission is subject to available space and equipment ~

As a side note, in Switzerland and much of Europe training for entry level Watchmakers can last as much as 4 years
So be advised " There is no fast/easy way to learn this trade"
It is time well spent though as the job market for Watchmakers is fantastic.

Tools for the Horology Program:
The cost of hand tools in Spring 2016 is $1588.00 U.S.
This is a one time purchase and the tools will be owned by the student and used through out the entire program.
The tool kit must be purchased through Paris Junior College when a student begins the program.

Tuition is based on residency status for 12 credit hours

Tuition Cost
In District =$918.00 ~ Out-of -District =$1458.00 ~ Out-of-State =$2058.00

Fees Cost:
Lab and Instructional Fee - total = $96.00
Per Semester Credit Hour Fee - total = $480.00

Spring 2017

All courses are done in residence at the Applied Science Complex on the Campus of Paris Junior College in Paris ,Texas. Enrollment for all courses is in Fall, Spring and Summer. Classes meet Monday thru Thursday 8:00A.M. to 4:30P.M. during Fall and Spring and 7:30A.M. to 5:00P.M. in Summer.

Housing and area cost of living rank as some of the most affordable in the nation according to a alpha dollar comparison done by Coldwell Banker. Recently Paris was named one of the top 100 small towns in America!

Paris Junior College is proud to be a part of :

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Research and Education Council

The Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
at Paris Junior College is a member of and is the Official Test Site of
Bench Jeweler Certification for Jewelers of America

" You'll like what You see and hear at Paris Junior College "

More Information ??? contact Frank W. Poye Instructor of Horology

~ Or ~

Phone 903 782-0361

Fax 903 782-0452

2400 Clarksville St.
Paris, Texas 75460

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 Instructor Frank W. Poye, Certified Watchmaker
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