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Shadow Sculpture Gallery

Visions of Metal in Light and Shadow


Frank Poye

"A Concrete Blonde "~ 30" x 40"

Hi ...Welcome to another world of Shadow and Light .

These are but a few examples of a form of art I get a real kick out of .

Shadow Sculptures are hand formed from Copper wire mesh.

Each piece is unique and at once combines the Solid with the Shadow it casts.

When Spot lighted and set into motion the effect is Hypnotic.

" Green Witch " 26" x 42"

Small to larger than life works all appear to be alive and moving ,

even while stationary. The eyes will follow Your every move .

Faces will change perspective when observed at different angles

Close up of "Green Witch "

"Classy Chassis" 32" x 102"

Works may be displayed indoors or outdoors

making them a perfect addition to Business, Home or Garden Settings


"The Childern of Evermore" 14" x 17"


For more about these fantastic creations

contact the artist at the following Email address