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Sending me your watch for repair is simple and easy

#1 Contact me first !
Email: frank@frankpoye.com

Leave me your phone number if you want me to call you

We can talk about the watch and what it needs to make it right and any other work you want done. We can discuss price and We can also establish a time frame to complete the service.

#2 Estimates
Some estimates are more involved then others and take more time to do. Just to give you an idea of what it may cost I can usually give ball park estimate up front based on the price of similar jobs I have done. Please understand a ball park estimate is not a promised price. Clear photos of the watch can be helpful but the only way to give a firm quote is to examine the watch.
I'll need to have it to do that.
If you send me your watch and accept the estimate for repairs there is no additional cost it is just a part of the repair service. I do have to charge for making estimates even if you refuse to have the service done. The estimate charge and return postage up front is required for any refused repair before the watch is mailed back.

#3 Packaging for mailing
Watches are delicate. Be sure to package your watch to safeguard it during transit. A sturdy cardboard mailing box and plenty of bubble wrap works very well. Use strong packing tape.

#4 Mailing your watch
I require that you send your watch to my P.O. Box. USPS Registered Mail is the best option and will be how I will return it. Be sure to declare a value and insure it. This method is very secure. I will not accept delivery of items I have not talked to you about before hand.

#5 Payment
Unless otherwise arranged payment in full is expected before I ship your watch back. Cash, Checks and Money Orders work fine and have no extra fees. PayPal and credit cards take at least 3% off the top. So consider that I have to cover that in your repair cost.

#6 Warranty
I stand behind my work and want you to be happy with the treatment you receive as well! The last thing I want or need is a unhappy patron. That being said, there are some watches I can enthusiastically warranty while others I can not. I will need to do a complete service on the entire watch in order to have any type of warranty. We can talk about your specific watch and what you can expect from "the watch and from me" and what not to expect.

Contact me
Email: frank@frankpoye.com

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