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Nour Nuit a Paris

Stuff to see and do At Night in the birth place of Alternative Rock

You probably came here because You saw that movie with Harry Dean Stanton and Natasia Kinski called " Paris, Texas " but Man...there is more to it then that just You wait and see.

A good night in Paris starts with a good meal.
Heres a few places with different price ranges

Resturant Reviews ~

Since the Colonial House burned down years ago people dining in Paris have not too often had the luxury of great food and good service. The restaurant owners know it...But what are ya gonna do? Drive to Dallas?
Usually I have a couple of upscale suggestions but as luck would have it, those 2 places closed.
Take heart... there are not many people that starve to death here.
Look around. 'Fact is, folks seem to eat plenty of grub in Paris...
and I do mean plenty !

'Pretty good eatin' here

Now...I'm not saying that theses places are without fault by any means,
just less prone to tick Me off.
Now on with the show !!!

If Your into fast food try Burger Land on N. Main. You never can tell who is going to show up and sit on the stool next to you. They serve grilled burgers and fries up right on the counter wrapped in paper and lots of hot and yummy grease that will run all the way down to your elbow no matter how careful you are. I suppose they are into to the water conservation thing 'cause I've never seen a plate there before. That will fix You up for the evening. Be sure to get there before all the folks at Flamingo Bingo fill up the parking lot.
Stay clear of anyplace that features live broadcasts of WWF on pay for view Me on this one. Now The wrestling is not a problem rather ...Its the people that gather to watch, Wow... just tooooooooo spooky!!

If your not into food and still want to hit the meat market ( ie-- find a date ...) you'll just have to head to Walmart and look around. If you can't find what you want there then it probably just isn't in Paris. Take heart thought, If your sights are aimed in a somewhat more 'sophisticated direction' then by all means drive over to the Home Depot. That's where I hear the real upscale pickup action takes place these days. After saying that I'm glad... really glad I'm not single anymore :-)

Sight seeing in Paris

Not too long ago some adventurous folks began planning to dig beneath the downtown historic district to explore and develop a network of tunnels leading to places that were covered during the Great Paris Fire of 1916. This called for 9 different main tunnels and at least 30 smaller ones running as deep as 27 feet under a 6 block area of down town. During the wet seasons Extreme Adventure Scuba Diving would be possible. It's been pretty wet lately so I hear there isn't much excavation being done right now. There is an lot of excess dirt downtown these day though. 'No telling where the heck that is coming from.

Jesus in Cowboy Boots is world famous. This is the Babcock Monument at Evergreen Cemetery. Look in the old section on Main just 4 necropolis blocks south of Jefferson Rd. Look for the big cedar trees. While Your there look for The Angel with the Devils' Tail.

Now head up to the Square. That would be the center of downtown for those of you that have never been to a small Texas town. They all have a square Walk around awhile and listen, Maybe one of the local rock bands will be practicing in the upstairs warehouses . The giant marble fountain in the middle of the plaza is pretty. Toss a coin in for luck. Down S. Main street is the Gibraltar Hotel. They are going to totally renovate the historic building soon ( maybe). Once You could dance the night away down here back in the good old days at the Century Club. There was no cover charge, valet parking and You didn't need reservations.

Across the street from the Gibraltar Hotel is Bywaters Park. On Friday nights during the Summer the City Band plays. Usually from about sunset till 10:00PM or so. Lots of folks show up with lawn chairs to enjoy the music. Old couples remember when, young couples spoon and the children chase lightning bugs ( aka "fire flies"). It is a real American, days gone by, experience. If you smell hamburgers on the grill ... well , that is probably just me across the street. The whole area recently was declared a Historic District.

If You have a real date and feel like something romantic by all means take a Carriage Ride. A white horse ,a turn of the century carriage and a driver wearing top hat and tails..... ahhhhh, now thats really special. During all but the hottest evenings You can take a wonderful guided tour of the historic district. You'll find out a lot of history about the fine old homes and the people who lived in them. Be sure to wave when You go past Our Place at 508 South Main.

If you like Bluegrass Music you can sit in on some fine pickin' on Tuesday nights and catch a live stage show on the 3rd Saturday night of the month for free down at the the end of South Main. High Strung Bluegrass is right next to the South Main Cafe. When you hit the only brick brick street in town and you have arrived. A lady there told me some information about a down town tunnel we didn't know about!

The Paris Blues Society Has live Blues jams on the 3rd Friday of the month. If you show up and want to jam onstage with the house band come prepared to play a few cover tunes and be tuned up and ready to walk on when they call your name. They usually do it on the out door stage at Buffalo Joe's.

Ready for a short drive ? Then head on up N. Main St. and take a right turn onto Pine Bluff and go up about 3 blocks to Bongo's Tattoo Studio and Biker Creations. Bongo is a cool guy and Has some nice tat art. I don't have a tattoo but hey...Ya just 'gotta love 'em. I did finally get My ear pierced a few years ago so maybe I'm not Mary Poppins anymore.

'Used to be at about this time we would hop back in the car and take a little road trip out Hwy 82 West towards the little incorporated City of Toco. Just before You got to the liquor store (by the way there used to be only 2 in thewhole county)there is this little little little place on the right called THE LOVE BUG. There was a screaming yellow VW Beatle out front. the sign said , "You just can't keep a good vibe down". Ya see...there are folks in these parts that just don't like what the little lady is selling in that shop. Novelties and other accessories I guess You'd call 'em. 'Seems She has had to move about 4 times. She came back into town and sure enough they ran her out of the city limits again sure as shootin'. Now the place is called Sweet Dreams. 'Hope She does well in the new location on Hwy.271 a couple of miles North of town towards the Red River. If you pass the Adult Video store you have gone way too far. Besides, She has videos and I hear that she even delivers! So Plan your next Tupper Ware party around that!

Time to head on back downtown now. Drive down Clarksville St. to see The stump of the Davy Crockett Tree, or at least where it used to be on the corner of 12th S.E. and Clarksville St. There is just the base of the monument left where the tree used to be, that got chopped down and became a stump, that Davy Crockett stood on to speak and round up folks to go fight in the Alamo. It is recorded that his last words on the stump were," Well ya'll can all go to hell but I'm goin' to the Alamo !!" (or something like that) Its just right across the street from Wades Place. If you want to see where Davy had to sleep then go East on Clarksville till you get to Sweet D's . Dave makes some wonder Chocolate creations and cakes there you gotta try it out! There is a marker there in the parking lot that looks like someone might have buried they're pet turtle there or something. Anyway, it says Davy stayed there for the night so they say.
Personally, I think he must have stayed down by Capizi's but what do I know.

Don't miss the Eifel Tower at the Love Civic center. It makes a really nice photo. Now listen ....Look around real carefully before You climb the thing because they get very ticked off and will make You come down and take a ride to the police station and that place is not on My list of cool places to go at night in Paris.

Bowling...I'm just not too sure about it Pal... By the way, What is 'glow bowling' anyway? Once in awhile they do sell the used bowling pins for a cheep price. I think they would be a hot designer item out in trendy places like Manhattan or maybe even in San Francisco but here I think they just use them for fire wood most of the time. You know, I believe this might be a really responsible thing for the know, "save the trees" and all that stuff. We are always interested in alternative energy source around these parts.

I hear that there are no Greens Fees at the Country Club after 11:00 P.M. but then I'm not too into golf so I have not tried this one out yet.

There is a Gentlemanís Club out by the Airport called Baby Dolls. I haven't been there yet either. I think they have theyíre own version of Wrestling out there and it is probably as spooky as the WWF pay for view. The price is better thought from what I here and after all, itís important to support the arts and our local talent.

They do not know if they serve alcohol so be sure to bring your own brown bag. If it really is spooky that brown bag may really come in handy !

A few miles out past the club east of Blossom and North of Pattonville there is Paris Motor Speedway where they race dirt track cars on Saturday nights. If your into racing its a blast and kids of all ages are welcomed. I hear they improved the track for this season and made it wider and added extra banking to the corners and even the straight aways. Cool !! There is a drag strip just West of Sun Valley too if your into the Friday Night Racing action (Sun Valley is the only other wet precinct in the county)

Now its time to road trip a little. Stop off at the Industrial Sculpture on Loop 286. Get out and touch it, its Huge! Best seen about Midnight.

Then come back to town and stop by to see the Boy in the Blue Room. This is a legendary Paris Specter. He haunts the widows walk at the old captains mansion on the corner of 4th St. S.W. and Kaufman. The best sightings have been from May thru June after 11:00 P.M. Never during the day. They have been restoring the house and it does not look as spooky anymore but hey... you might see the kid even still.

'Not Done Yet? Great. take a long moonlight saunter down the famous Chism Goodnight Loving Trail. This really is the starting place for a famous Cattle Drive trail or at least where the grave stone of John Chism is. Don't walk the whole trail because it could be over 1000 miles long.

Up for a little swim? then its off to Roxton Creek. Walk to the creek under the old brick railroad bridge. Follow it as far as You like its beautiful. Quite probably one of the best secret swimming holes I've been to in these parts. Its just lovely in the moon light and the stars from there are knocked out.

White Water Rafting Anyone? You heard it right! Below the spill way at Lake Pat Mayes. Best after a big rain. The run is short but swift so be prepared. It goes calm in about 1/4 mile. However, if the runoff is high You can ride this one all the way to the Red River(4 miles) Nobody has ever lived to tell about it so file a 'flight plan' for this one and make sure your life insurance is paid up dude! There is a trail along the water that is nice to walk and is best at night but be sure to spray on plenty of cutters bug dope and eat lots of garlic if You decide to run through the endless field of flowers on the west side. The chiggers are intense
A word of Caution : Always carry a walking stick and don't pick up anything unless You hit it first, it might bite You ! Once again now remember We are all entitled to Our opinions and I could be wrong...
'Know something that beats stompin' crickets under the street lights? "E-me" and maybe I'll add it to the list!

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